Success without duplication is future failure in disguise.

Have you ever played the game whisper down the lane? The game where a bunch of people sit in a circle, and one person whispers a message into the ear another. They in turn whisper it to the next person, until it goes around the circle, only to end up being an entirely different message? Some of the things that people end up with are hilarious. Where the message may have originally started out with something like, “I gave my brother a ride to work”, and it ends up with  “I saw my mother ride a stork.”

Business owners should consider the results of this game when creating a duplication strategy. Take Network Marketing for example, the number one reason networkers have little duplication, inside of the their organization, is because they struggle to create duplication in their organization. If you can imagine how a simple message can get twisted, playing a game with a dozen or so people, can you imagine what happens to hundreds, or even thousands, of networkers on your team?

A good GST (Getting Started Training) should have no more than a simple 4-5 step plan that’s easy to do/repeat. The overall objective should be getting people to take immediate action, (Success Loves Speed) and to build confidence. (There is nothing more powerful than someone who comes to the realization, “I can do this.”)

While the process might differ from company to company, (I.e. a nutrition based company might have a slightly different process than a travel based company, and so forth) the fundamental principles still apply.

Bottom line: The difference between duplication and no duplication is a SIMPLE game plan that all of your reps, affiliates and even employees can follow when they first join your team.

Remember, success without duplication is really future failure in disguise.

In the spirit of success,


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