Adam Levine just got “served”…Did you see it?

If you caught the season opener of “The Voice” last night, you witnessed a variety of talented performers, from many different genres. Of course, you also got a taste of the the typical banter that goes back and forth between the four judges. However, if you paid very close attention, you also witnessed the perfect display of “servant” based sales, verses the typical sales “closer” mentality.

Which do you think did better?

First, allow me to give a brief overview for those who don’t watch the show. ”The Voice” can be thought of as one show with two competitions going on at the same time. On one hand, the contestants are in competition with each other to win a recording contract. The judges are competing for the rights to coach each contestant, with the ultimate goal of winning bragging rights of having their student win the overall competition.

On more than one occasion the battle for the contestants came down to Maroon Five singer, Adam Levine, verses R&B legend, Alecia Keys. Adam has more of a typical sales closer mentality. If you pay close attention to what he says, it’s always about him. “I’ve won the show 3 times.”, “I need you on my team”, “You remind me of me”, etc.

Alecia has a much more effective approach. She always starts by asking questions. “How did you learn to sing like that?” “What style of music do you see yourself doing?” etc. Then she moves on to selling the dream. “Imagine you and I sitting at the piano, exploring different sounds, bouncing things off one another and seeing what works best for you.”

The greatest salesman, (and woman) understand it’s not about selling features and benefits. And it’s certainly not about “me, me, me.” Someone who is constantly tooting their own horn, usually, honks so loud they forget to do the most important part of the sales process of all, LISTEN!

Eventually, Alecia ended up with the talent that she wanted. By asking the right questions, she was able to convey her sincere interest in helping them get what they want. It also helped establish trust and build that true heart connection. By painting a vivid picture of her vision, the singers were able to pictures themselves learning, and growing in that environment. And that all reinforced what it is they want most, which is to win!

While Adam spent most of his time delivering a sales pitch, Alecia perfectly positioned herself as a resource. She built value in her coaching ability by asking questions, listening and selling the dream.

The true spirit of sales is serving, not closing. Looks like Adam could use some personal coaching in this area.😉

In the spirit of success,

Travis A. Flaherty

Founder/CEO – Entrepreneur Life University

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