The Plight of the American Entrepreneur

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Plight – a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation. The plight of an entrepreneur is fraught with trials and tribulation.  This is what lies ahead for the American entrepreneur as they embark on the path of self-employment and struggle with self- reliance.  There is little room for error and even less room for distractions along the way.  Everything I am … Read More

It’s not what we do once in awhile that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.

FERREIRA DO ZEZERE, PORTUGAL - SEPTEMBER 19, 2015: Philip Soven (USA) during the WWA Supra World Wakeboard Championship 2015 in Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal.

One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Powell, straddled between the border of AZ and Utah. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful places on planet and what many describe as, “heaven on earth”. Each year our family joins some of our closest friends for a week long vacation on four bedroom, 72 foot, two story houseboat. We … Read More

What is your time worth?

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I watched a movie not to long ago called, “In Time”, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. The movie takes takes place in a society where people stop aging at 25 and each has a clock on their arm that counts down how long they have to live. As you can imagine, life takes on a whole new meaning when … Read More

Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

To blessed to be stressed

Dont let miserable people take away your happiness. They will surely try. Don’t let ungrateful people stop you from having a spirit of gratitude. It’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy. Don’t let cynical people blind you from seeing the light, especially in others. One can only see as far as they believe, and … Read More

Learn to Love Those You Lead.

One of the reasons why business owners struggle to create duplication in their business, is because they have never learned how to coach someone else to success. Take the network marketing business model for example; there is so much emphasis placed on recruiting and bringing people in the door. The challenge is, it’s not about bringing people in, it’s about … Read More

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