Confidence is the Best Outfit Ever. (Rock it, and own it!)

Yesterday, I was having a breakthrough discussion with a coaching client. We were talking about the importance of having confidence in leadership, and in business.

Most experts agree, confidence is the single most attractive quality on the planet. Of course, confidence is not to be mistaken for arrogance.

==> ==> When you start thinking the deal is about you, you’ve already lost!

If I had to put my finger on ONE THING that holds people back from achieving their dreams, it’s lack of belief in themselves.

So the question came up, “How can I build more confidence.”

Here is what I shared with her.

  1. Challenge your doubts. In many cases, doubt stems from not knowing all the facts. Our mind begins to play tricks on us, and we begin to create a mental picture of all the things that can go wrong. We say things like, “What if it doesn’t work out?” Or, “What if I fail?”.  This stress is a result of your brain kicking in to protect you. To keep you safe. The key is to challenge these thoughts by asking a different question, “What if this was the best thing that could have ever happened to me?” Or, “What if I don’t take this chance, make this call, etc. And things stay exactly the way they are now.”’
  2. Gain a better understanding. Often, we resist what we don’t know. Take time to learn more about whatever it is that’s intimidating you. When I first started E-Life, I was SOOO intimidated by InfusionSoft. It literally freaked me out, and I had zero confidence i would be able to ever navigate through our back office. Now, today I am in there almost every day. I still have a really awesome coach, who helps me often, but I am gaining more confidence every day.
  3.  Improve Your Skills. The only way to get better is to learn and grow. With knowledge comes confidence, with confidence comes competence, with competence comes results! Take a course, hire a coach (wink-wink;), attend a seminar, read books, etc. Do everything you can to improve your skills.
  4. Programming.
  • Learn to detox your mind. Write down negative beliefs and replace with “I am” statements.
  • Detox your environment. Where are you hanging out? I promise you won’t gain confidence by hanging out with unhappy people at the bar.
  • Guard your mind. Avoid drama and negativity like it’s plague.
  • Guard your environment. Protect your happiness. Don’t allow naysayers anywhere near you.
  • Feed your mind. Read books, read inspirational articles, listen to pod casts, listen to the E-life Coaching Videos daily, etc.

5. Make a decision. So many people struggle from paralysis through analysis. There is nothing that                       creates worry, or self doubt, more than failing to making an important decision. DECIDE.  TAKE A                   CHANCE. GET MOVING!

Always Remember, Confidence is the BEST Out-fit ever. Rock it, and own it!

Make it a great day!

Travis A. Flaherty

Founder/EntrepreneurLife University

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