Learn to Love Those You Lead.

One of the reasons why business owners struggle to create duplication in their business, is because they have never learned how to coach someone else to success.

Take the network marketing business model for example; there is so much emphasis placed on recruiting and bringing people in the door. The challenge is, it’s not about bringing people in, it’s about keeping people in, and moving them along in the process. When you recruit someone, your job isn’t over, it’s only just begun.

I’ve never liked the term “recruit” because the term itself, suggests your job is over, when you bring someone in the business. On the other hand, if you study the greats in the NM profession, they exemplify what it means to be a true SPONSOR.

Think about the term “sponsor” for a moment. In AA (Alcohol Anonymous), a sponsor is someone who is there for you no matter what. You can call them, at any time, and they are there for you. They are there to talk you off the ledge, when you feel like giving up, They provide moral support, feedback, encouragement, and give you hope for a brighter future.

The very best coaches are vested in the long term success of those they lead. They continually focus on personal growth, so they can gain new perspective, and lift others up along their success journey. They also lead by example and coach others to success, through a process of love, (sometimes tough love) effective communication, providing continual feedback, additional perspective, and helping others see what they can be, rather then what they are.

In closing, if you want to build a successful organization, in any capacity, you must learn to love those you lead. It is important to take a sincere interest in the success of others. Coaching is about building belief and giving valuable feedback. Helping your team to see from new perspectives will allow them to grow and set sights on new horizons.

Your success in business (and life) will be determined by your capacity to lead others to their greatest self.

In the spirit of success,

Travis A. Flaherty


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