Network Marketers are “Dealers in Hope”

I once had a prospect tell me that he was struggling with his new business because he was, “only 23, new to AZ, and didn’t know anyone that would be interested in this kind of business.”

I explained that he was asking himself the wrong questions.

“Who do I know that would be interested in network marketing” is a common question that snags people up, when going through the getting started process.

Instead we should be asking questions such as:

“Who do I know who is tired all the time?”

“Who do I know who would like to lose a little weight?”

“Who do I know who is broke all the time?”

“Who do I know who has a child going to college? and might need to supplement his income to pay for tuition?”

“Who do I know who is a successful business owner?”

“Who do I know who is retired but not ready to sit down?”

“Who do I know who hates their job?”

“Who do I know who wants to retire a spouse so he/she can stay at home with their children?”

“Who do I know who works two jobs and never has any time?

Just to name a few.

Your company may offer different solutions than those listed above, but the foundational principles still apply. By taking him through this discovery process, he immediately understood that we aren’t asking people to join network marketing. We are inviting people to look at a vehicle, that can help people go from where they are – to where they want to be in life.

It isn’t about who we “think” would want to join us in this type of business. The truth is, most of us weren’t initially looking to become network marketers in the first place! We were attracted to the the opportunity because of where it might take us. We joined for the HOPE of a brighter future.

So, next time you find yourself doubting whether someone will join you in your business. Just remember, now more than ever before, in the history of our economy, people are looking for solutions. And you have them! They are looking for someone that to be that glimmer of hope. Or that lighthouse to show others the way to overcome their greatest challenges in life.

On other words, you are a “dealer in hope.”

Now it’s time to act like it!

In the spirit of success,

Travis A. Flaherty

CEO/Founder – Entrepreneur Life University

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Young woman in casual opening blue curtain
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