“Only the people at the top make all the money”

I have found that there are two types of critics out there: skeptics and cynics. Skeptics usually have some preconceived notions that lead them to feel the way they do. Perhaps they were in a true pyramid at some point? Maybe a family member shared a similar perspective, etc. The good thing about skeptics is you can generally educate them on the facts about our “profession”. In many cases, after looking at resources like ‘Rise of the Entrepreneur’, etc. they will change their opinion. On the other hand, a cynic is someone who is totally biased to Network Marketing DESPITE the facts. There is no point in wasting your time on a cynic. Sadly, the height of all stupidity is forming an opinion without knowing all the facts!

Let’s explore the facts:

1. A pyramid is illegal. Network marketing is not.

2. Network marketing provides viable products. Pyramids do not.

3. Network marketing you can out earn anyone above you. In a pyramid you cannot.

4. Network marketing is a legal business model responsible for approximately $178 BILLION dollars in revenue each year.

5. Roughly $71 Billion (40% of the $178 Billion), is paid directly to distributors via commissions. That’s $6 billion a month, or $200 million a day! To put it into perspective the entire Music industry is only 15 billion annually!

I always chuckle when people say, “The money only goes to the people at the top”

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In professional sports the money is at the top. Last I checked the no name third string QB isn’t making the same as Tom Brady?  In the music industry the money is at the top. I am pretty sure Taylor Swift is earning more than a one hit wonder from the 80’s. In corporate America the money is at the top. Last I checked the CEO of of Coca Cola out earns the janitor. No matter what you do you have to work your way UP because that’s where the money ALWAYS is!

Network marketing is no different. It takes years of hard work to achieve the top 1-2% of income earners. It has nothing to do with luck, timing, positioning – and everything to do with hard work, personal development, adding value and skill-set.

Btw, where is it that the money isn’t at the top? I guess you can always choose something where the money is at the bottom.


Another question I would ask, what options does the normal person have to make it to the top? In most cases, they won’t ever be given a chance to be a professional athlete, or celebrity. In fact, it’s pretty rare the mail clerk ends up being the CEO. Are those pyramids too? At least in network marketing anyone has a viable chance to make it to the top, “IF” they are willing to work their tails off.

Bottom Line: Network marketing is a proven profession that is helping millions of people get ahead. I am one of them. This industry has given me back my most valuable possession on the planet: my time. I am now blessed to live life on my own terms, create amazing life experiences with the people I care about most and focus my time on helping others discover their true potential in life.

It sure beats digging ditches….

In the spirit of success,

Travis A. Flaherty

Founder/CEO – Entrepreneur Life

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