Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

To blessed to be stressed

Dont let miserable people take away your happiness. They will surely try. Don’t let ungrateful people stop you from having a spirit of gratitude. It’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy. Don’t let cynical people blind you from seeing the light, especially in others. One can only see as far as they believe, and … Read More

Adam Levine just got “served”…Did you see it?

If you caught the season opener of “The Voice” last night, you witnessed a variety of talented performers, from many different genres. Of course, you also got a taste of the the typical banter that goes back and forth between the four judges. However, if you paid very close attention, you also witnessed the perfect display of “servant” based sales, … Read More

Learn to Love Those You Lead.

One of the reasons why business owners struggle to create duplication in their business, is because they have never learned how to coach someone else to success. Take the network marketing business model for example; there is so much emphasis placed on recruiting and bringing people in the door. The challenge is, it’s not about bringing people in, it’s about … Read More

Confidence is the Best Outfit Ever. (Rock it, and own it!)

Yesterday, I was having a breakthrough discussion with a coaching client. We were talking about the importance of having confidence in leadership, and in business. Most experts agree, confidence is the single most attractive quality on the planet. Of course, confidence is not to be mistaken for arrogance. ==> ==> When you start thinking the deal is about you, you’ve … Read More

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