Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

Dont let miserable people take away your happiness. They will surely try.

Don’t let ungrateful people stop you from having a spirit of gratitude. It’s not happy people that are grateful, it’s grateful people that are happy.

Don’t let cynical people blind you from seeing the light, especially in others. One can only see as far as they believe, and some people suffer from lack ofVitamin “V”, also referred to as vision.

Don’t let people who are rude, over zealous, pushy, or with a mean spirited personality, rob you from being kind, loving, patient, and joyful. Kill them with kindness and a smile.

Don’t let those with a self centered “me mentality” stop you from being generous to others. Giving is life!

Don’t let those who are loud, obnoxious, and rude keep you from having a spirit of grace, being soft spoken and gracious towards others.

Don’t let someone else’s absence of apology keep you from forgiving. Forgiveness leads to love. People will
Make mistakes, so will you. Forgive as quickly as you expect to be forgiven.

Don’t let someone else’s inability to trust, or to see the good in the world, keep you from taking chances, and believing in others.

When someone is downright rude, keep a smile on your face. When you stay on the high road, and keep your joy, you take away their power.

Bottom line: We are too blessed be stressed about the little things, and small minds.


Make it a great day!

Travis A. Flaherty

CEO/Founder – Entrepreneur Life University

To blessed to be stressed



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