Tough Love.

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Here is the stone cold truth: If your business isn’t growing, It’s not the company’s fault. (In most cases) If there are other people inside your company earning money, then it’s likely not the compensation plans fault. And despite what many people think, it’s not your up-line’s fault that your business isn’t growing either! 

 It’s not your Mom’s fault.

It’s not your downlines fault.

It’s not your dog’s fault.

The only person RESPONSIBLE for your success is YOU! 

Here’s another fact: A new company won’t change YOU.

Have you ever heard the saying, “No matter where  you go, there you are.” It means you can change your destination, over and over, but until you change your thinking, nothing will change. (Except the scenery)

The truth is, if you aren’t doing the work in network marketing; peaking people’s interest, filling your calendar with shows, educating with third party tools and connecting them to your up-line leaders, three way calls, meetings, etc. You’re not going to have success anywhere.

Bottom Line: We don’t get paid for good intentions. We don’t get paid to sit on Facebook and argue about politics. We don’t get paid for designing our website, team logo, business cards, etc. etc. 

We get paid for one thing……… Producing RESULTS! 

A different company, different product, different up-line still won’t change YOU! 

I remember the day when I decided to stop “running”. I accepted that success — or failure — was an inside job!

That was the day everything changed for me!

It’s a great day when we quit blaming others and accept full responsibility for who we are, and where we are, in our business.

Champions don’t give up when things get tough. They lean in and show others what they are made of. If things aren’t going your way at the moment, my advice is to get back to the basics. Make a new list, start fresh, get busy setting appointments. If you struggle in this area, here are three questions you can ask everyone on your new list, that will help you fill your calendar:

  1. Are you happy? (Other variations: Do you like your job? Do you feel you are paid what your worth? Are you happy with your financial Situation? Are you happy about your retirement plan?)
  2. Do you have a plan in place to give you everything you want?
  3. If “No”, would you like to take a look at one?

It’s that easy! Don’t over complicate it. Your objective is to fill your calendar with appointments. Whether someone chooses to get involved with your business is outside of your control. Just keep focusing on what you can control, and that is, how many times you’ve shared the plan! That is the only thing that matters. Everything else is secondary.

Ps. Remember, there is no problem that twenty new reps wont solve in your business. 

In the spirit of success,

Travis A. Flaherty

CEO/Founder ~ Entrepreneur Life, LLC.

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